Our mission is to help start-up and small companies in medical device industry to expand their business into Chinese market.

China is a dynamic and fast growing market, yet there are risks if you invest before you understand the nature of the market, the commercial culture of your distributors, in addition to laws and regulations. Otherwise your marketing strategy may or may not be an appropriate one which shall result in a decent profit margin.

But if you keep hesitating out side the door of the huge market, as a start-up or small business that does not usually have as many resources as those giants do, you may probably lose your opportunities.

We have multi-lingual teams located in both Europe and China, a group of veterans in the medical device industry will assist medical device start-ups and small sized companies in a many aspects.

As a medical device start-up or SME, you do not have to invest too early in China before it is the correct time, you do not have to deploy any personnel in Chinese market as well. Yet you still can cultivate the Chinese market and grow your business there, in a risk free and cost effective way.

We are the know-how service team to minimize your risks of entering a new market. To expand your business in China market, you will have no office set-up, no overhead costs, no staff relocation, no travelling, no marketing expenses, no legal risks, no cultural conflicts & no logistics distractions. You just fly higher, we are the ground service team of yours in China market.

Brückenkopf GmbH is specialized in helping small business in medical device industry to expand business in Chinese market. Our professional team will assist you in the scenarios when you want to

  • promote your product in China market without the presence of your own company in China
  • look for distributor(s) in China market
  • exhibit at trade fairs in China, but also want to cut travelling expenses and follow up of clients after the expo efficiently
  • have manufacturer’s representative to follow up, maintain, co-ordinate and manage distributors
  • establish your own representative office or subsidiary in China
  • protect your intellectual property rights and patent rights before you start to sell your product in China
  • have your patented technology looking for decent buyers

With offices based in both EU and China, we may help you in many ways but not limited to

  • Market research & planning
  • Market strategy – Regulatory affairs
  • CFDA registration assistance
  • Product promotion
  • Distributor qualifying
  • Distributor management
  • Customer service
  • Trade show representation
  • Manufacturer’s representative
  • Company / personal relocation
  • Logistics recommendation
  • Customs / Tax assistance
  • CCIC inspection assistance
  • Intellectual Property issues
  • Translation
  • Professional / educational seminar

With the tailor made services provided by Brückenkopf GmbH, a small business in medical device industry may minimize risks and costs, and run the business in China in a smooth way.